Chris Prosser grew up in Newton, MA. He dabbled around the northeast for a while first attending Connecticut College, and the getting his BS in Computer Science at UMASS Amherst. While living in Inman Square he joined Adobe to work on Imagestyler.

With a four month stay in Tahoe, snowboarding and working on robotics, he finally moved to San Francisco in April of 1999. While in SF, Chris finally had a chance to learn welding, a supressed lifelong passion of his. He was involved with the Crucible, Cellspace metal collective and learned more about kinetic sculpture. He also was one of the first members of the Shipyard, a unique colloborative build space in Berkeley. He then spent some time at the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch.

Chris moved to Seattle with his girlfriend Rebecca in April 2004. He resumed working on sculpture after partially recovering from a serious repetitive strain injury.

He currently works at Adobe Systems as an Engineering Manager on Adobe After Effects. In his spare time he works on kinetic sculpture exploring the relationship between people and their pets and any other mad scientist ideas that come his way. He also helps organize Seattle dorkbots.