The Astrocart is a little electric cart Scott and I built for bman 2001. It started life as a crap hauler from harbor fright (that's where we got the wheel and the steering mechanism). Then we strapped a rebuilt wheelchair motor to it. We got the gears and chain from Surplus center. We changed the final drive to use pillow blocks instead of bushings. Lacking a lathe, I grabbed the oversize shaft (3/4" crs) and spun it on the grinder to take off some. The controller was done with an oopic outputting PWM to an IFI Victor 883 speed controller. You had a big knob and a couple of switches. Controlling the speed and driving was difficult when you were alone. We managed to shear the drive pin and break the wheels since the hubs weren't meant to be driven and were only held together with paint. Guerilla desert welding fixed the problem.